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Robert Barbetti


Robert is a Senior Advisor to Arcus. Former Managing Director of JP Morgan. Specializing in Executive Compensation and has advised private and public company executives on tax, securities, and perception issues related to managing single stock concentrations, employment and severance packages, pre and post-IPO planning, M&A transactions, leveraged buyouts, and capital market solutions for executive compensation.

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My Story

A proud New Yorker, Robert spent 21 years and 11 months at J.P. Morgan. He was the Managing Director and Global Head of Executive Compensation and Benefits at J.P. Morgan's Private Bank and recently retired. As a senior member of the Advice Lab, Robert focuses on maximizing and optimizing executive compensation for insiders. Robert was a Board Executive on the Compensation Committee for the Bank of Jackson Hole and VAST Bank. Robert has also authored numerous articles and is often sought out as an executive compensation expert by the press, including the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Robert specializes in shaping companies for IPO.

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